Means of Actions

The Centre works to achieve its objectives through a variety of activities that take place at the Centre premises and its member states through a network of national institutions, these activities include:

  • Conducting and promoting research and studies on various aspects of agrarian reform and rural development upon request.
  • Holding consultative conferences that allow officials, researchers, planners, executives and local community representatives to exchange ideas and experiences and to identify opportunities for mutually beneficial joint efforts.
  • Organizing regional and national training courses and workshops in the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of programmers and projects.
  • Providing consultative expertise, technical support, and liaison services to national Centres and to other relevant organizations.
  • Serving as a clearing house and data bank for information on agrarian reform and rural development, including dissemination, translation, and promotion of relevant issues

The Centre’s activities are always based on participatory methods that draw on the expertise and experience of local communities. Farmers, pastor lists, field level officials, and specialists in rural development and agrarian reform are involved in every level of activity, including rapid appraisals, field surveys, needs assessments, strategic planning, project formulation, evaluation and follow-up monitoring